Sunday, February 27, 2011

Making Art With The Skills You Have

Or to quote an unnamed politician..."You go to war with the army you have, not the army you wish you had..."

It can be intimidating to read other artists' blogs, books, articles...especially when your skill level doesn't "measure up" least not yet.  In my mind, I want to create beautiful realistic and whimsical designs like Judy Coates Perez or bold graphic designs like Jane Sassaman.  In reality I don't.

I spend my days as the only "non-creative" in a design firm surrounded by very talented artists.  That is intimidating.  In my dreams I have the drawing and design skills of my friend and co-worker Bill Hoffman.  In reality I don't.

But as artists we all have a choice.  We can do nothing because of the fear that we'll never measure up (and for years that is what I did) or we can make art anyway.  And that means working with the abilities we have and trying to improve them a step at a time.

Each one of us has a unique voice and story to tell.  No one  can tell my story except me.  So I choose to make art even if it doesn't always meet my "standards". That's my reality and that's the only way I will find my artistic voice.

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